FYI If you’re a teenage girl – rebuttal

A Mrs. Hall recently posted a blog lecturing girls on “inappropriate” photographs. Her blog also featured a number of pictures of her sons, all topless at the beach.  She later chickened out and replaced the photographs with full-covered pictures.

The fact, however, remains: Mrs. Hall is lecturing teenage girls on the dangers of their bodies and their sexuality. It appears girls, and only girls, are responsible for corrupting young men. She blatantly approves judging others based solely on their physical appearances. Mrs. Hall even comments – “it appears that you are not wearing a bra.”

Eye rolls aside, Mrs. Hall exemplifies a sad excuse for a mother. Thank goodness she has only boys. I would be horrified to think what lessons she would instill in daughters

We should teach our children to judge others based on their personalities and behaviours, not on their breasts. 

We should teach our children to accept others, and to realize there are boys and girls in this world who are not guided by loving, caring parents.

Our children should respect every individual’s right to express him or herself, whether that be with a duck-lip awkward selfie, poetry, athletics, or drawing doodles in the margins of math homework.

Mrs. Hall says she likes seeing things through girls’ “unique and colorful lens”, but then asks them to censor, filter, and edit themselves….so as not to tempt her precious sons.

I’d ask Mrs. Hall to censor herself: before passing judgement on young girls, why not teach your own kids to be models of tolerance, virtue, and open-mindedness?

Here is the edited post (she removed the photos of her half-clothed sons) –

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