Shame on you, Mr. President.

What is the White House thinking?

The President of the United States has many roles, but interfering and judging criminal cases is not one of them.

Obama released a statement calling the Zimmerman-Martin case a national tragedy, then saying it emphasizes the need for gun control in the US.

This was not a ‘national tragedy’. Men, women, and children of all races, cultures, and backgrounds are shot every day in this country. This happens to be a case that the media picked up and spotlighted in every way possible, like Casey Anthony.  

Zimmerman-Martin is a tragedy for the families involved and the local community. Not the rest of us. We don’t  own this event, and shame on those who buy into the media circus.

Shame on the President for taking advantage of this to promote his own agenda, and polish his image. The only appropriate comment would have been to “This has been a tragic experience for the families and the communities, but a jury has decided and we must now respect that decision and move forward in healing the community.”


Presidential Debate 2012

Here we go!

There’s a great drinking game floating around on Facebook for this debate. I’m suspicious one or both of the candidates saw it ahead of time and are intentionally playing along. Anyhoo, I’ve realized a few things so far.

First, Romney is a faster, quicker speaker than Obama is. What does that mean? To me, it instills confidence and shows passion. Have you ever spoken slowly in an argument? Had to pause to gather your thoughts on something you are passionate about?

Second, the whole question on the economy/job creation…Romney said, multiple times, he is against reducing upper income taxation, and is not supporting any tax cut that adds to the deficit. Obama, instead of acknowledging this, just kept repeating his buzzline over and over again.

Third, Romney laid out 5 specific points in his plan to address the economy / job creation. Obama…didn’t. I’m not really sure what his plan is, but it seems to be a nice bit of circumlocution.

Fourth, Obama doesn’t seem to realize the point is to debate your opponent. Not the moderator. STOP turning your back!

Fifth, you took how many seconds of your first question to do a shout out at your wife. I love my husband, but if he’s focusing on me instead of the debate, then he’s sleeping on the couch.

Sixth, Obama keeps repeating things that Romney has already addressed. “oh, romney wants to reward companies shipping jobs overseas”…no, Romney already said he wants to invest in companies keeping jobs in the US.

Seventh, My grannie died right before I became President? Isn’t that called a red herring?

…More to come if I get around to it!