Being a mom is amazing.

There’s something so empowering and serene about knowing that, when this tiny human is crying, you and only you can comfort her. She needs you, she wants you, and you are her alpha and omega. 

Squeaky is 5 weeks old now. She responds to my voice – she’ll suddenly get quite and look expectant when she hears me. She’s going through a couple of days where she insists on being held, and will cry and squawk angrily if she is put down in her crib or rockers. She spends more time alert during the day, looking around at different things or even nothing.

Parenthood is also hard – the times when she cries or screams for longer periods of time and cannot be comforted or quieted. When you’re sleep -deprived and feel like a failure that you cannot soothe her or solve her apparently all-consuming problems.

But, we push onwards and watch her get chubbier and grow and learn. And take the small rewards when and where we get them.