Let’s talk about meatloaf.

Really. I am not a fan of meatloaf. When my mom made it, I would never eat it. I’d push it away and say it was sooooo gross.

But for some strange reason, I have been craving meatloaf on-and-off for three years. No, I’m not pregnant. It’s been bizarre. I’ll be sitting somewhere and think “Oh man, a meatloaf would be amazing right now.”

So tonight, I finally did it. I made meatloaf. And.

It.   was.    amazing.

Like I’m typing as fast as I can because I need to go get another piece.

Pioneer Woman’s Rhee Drummond meatloaf recipe is really nice and easy for home cooks like me. I divided everything in two, except the hot sauce and pepper. Her recipe makes 8 servings: M and I would eat all 8, so it was safer to make 4 servings. Which we will still eat.

I made a couple changes:
First, my ground beef came in a 3 lb package, so I approximated 1/3 of the package.
Second, I meant to add a dash of pepper, but I unscrewed the pepper top and there was WAY more than I thought. So I used 3 x as much (not freshly) ground pepper.  
Third, I don’t have parsley and hate buying herbs for only a teensy amount. So I used marjoram. It’s what I had handy, and it was green, and I like it. Totally = Parsley.
Fourth, I meant to add a dash of hot sauce. I added a giant sploosh. Physics?
Fifth, I added worcestershire sauce. I love this stuff. I know other recipes use it in their sauce, so why not?


We also did probably 15 or so minutes of broiling at the end of Rhee’s cooking recommendations. We were trying to get the bacon to be as cooked, or even crispy, as we could. I used a thick-cut bacon, M’s favorite, and between the 60 minutes of cooking and 15 mins of broiling, it came out perfectly melted, but not crispy.

So, overall…..freakishly delicious. Who’da thunk meatloaf would be so amazing?