Movie Sunday

Today has been a glorious day. The sun is shining, the air is cool, there’s a faint sniff of Autumn in the breeze…

Today was recovery day. M and my SIL and I all went to FoodE: FoodE is a fantastic, locavore slow food restaurant nestled snug in between two buildings downtown. We went for brunch at around 11, 11:30 and they were just opening. We sat outside beneath a canopy of colorful umbrellas that filtered the light and created a cozy, European cafe atmosphere. The three of us indulged…

M ordered the pork chop breakfast: a perfectly sized pork chop perched upon a delicious mess of cheese grits, dappled with an herbed oil. He barely managed to avoid licking the plate. SIL ordered a bacon and spinach omelette, served with breakfast potatoes. She ate every last bite, and really enjoyed the locally grown spinach. I, on the other hand, was a shameless glutton. I ordered the fried chicken buttermilk biscuit. Oh my dear tastebuds, how I have spoilt thee. This was a perfect biscuit – buttery, crumbly but still soft and firm, and the taste was an aazing splash of sour, sweet, dough, and butter. The chicken was lightly fried in a sweet and spicy coating, juicy and soft. This was also served with potatoes, which were largely forgettable. I could dream about the biscuit and chicken for a few nights and wake up drooling. So good. I also ordered a mimosa, which came with prosecco, fresh OJ, and was served in a mason jar rimmed with sugar. Delicious and incredibly fresh-tasting.

Tonight, M and I have been on a movie bender. We started with Invincible: for some reason, I was craving football and the American spirit. Mission accomplished. Is it ridiculous that I get teary-eyed when Papale makes his first touchdown in his home stadium, pointing at his friends?

We followed up with Ronin, which neither of us recall having ever seen before. Starring Robert DeNiro and Jean Reno, this late 90s movie is a well-directed story revolving around a group of for-hire men and a job that just doesn’t seem to go right. I adore Bob Deniro, and ‘s favorite movie is The Professional, starring Jean Reno. This was a great choice for us, and we both were riveted.

Now we are just starting off with The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.. so far, intriguing, bu I am waiting for the plot to be explained a twee bit more!