Back to Ristorante Renato

My parents are food snobs.

There, I said it. Now let me back up…my parents are not snobs, but they are foodies. Mom is an amazing cook, and they both have great taste. Picking a place to take them to dinner has always made me slightly nervous. I think “What if they hate the food? I hope the service isn’t terrible. Will they have Maker’s Mark??”

They came up for the UMW-CSO James Galway concert. I decided to take them to Ristorante Renato, which we went to during Restaurant Week. The restaurant reminds me of NJ, where Dad lived for several years for work. It has an old-school feeling, it’s cozy, there’s no pretension, and it’s tasty delicious.

It was a hit! My parents thought the food was great. They adored the calamari, which is very lightly breaded and comes with a wonderful marinara dipping sauce. We all devoured our house salads, which had a light but zesty Italian dressing. Mom had a veal chop, which was huge but tender and perfectly cooked. Dad had veal parmiggiano; he thought it was good, but couldn’t decide if he was 100% a fan of the breading. Mom believes adding mozzarella to veal parmiggiano is always a bad decision. Potato, potahto. M had the fish special, and I had chicken marsala (yes, I’m boring, I know). We also had several drinks – Dad’s aforementioned Maker’s Mark and then a red wine, Mom had prosecco, I had cosmos, and M had his beloved Dirty martini.

The service was great, and although the booths are small, they generate a family feel and promote conversation. We really enjoyed our visit, yet again!