Restaurant Week 2012

Tuesday night was girls’ night – we made the plan to meet at Kybecca before realizing it was restaurant week. And somehow, only 1 of the 9 girls actually ordered off the restaurant week menu! Most of us got the panko goat cheese salad – a great spring mix with two balls of fried goat cheese. So good, but I think 1 extra goat cheese ball would send it over the top.

The best part of Kybecca, in my opinion, is the Xenomatic wine bar. You get a card, similar to a Metro trip card, and load it with any amount of money. Then, you put the card in the machine and pick a wine (they seem to have 20-30 at any time) and tasting size. It’s a great way to taste different wines and the process of it is fun. As far as the food and service, I find it somewhat inconsistent. We’ve ordered food before and gotten desserts with parchment paper still on the bottom, and lamb chops that were in three very different degrees of done-ness.

Then Wednesday, I met with L for a quiter lady date night while M was out of town. We went to Jake & Mike’s, which is one of my favoritest restaurants. I haven’t had a bad meal yet, and I’ve been there about 8 times. It’s even gotten the stamp of approval from my parents, who are foodies with high standards! Their goat cheese bruschetta is non-negotiable; you MUST order it. It comes out slightly different every time, but is always delicious. Then I had the spinach and goat cheese salad, with cranberries and walnuts; and the french dip sandwich, which is so good. It was perfect for a chilly winter night! L did the restaurant week menu, which had the same salad, a pan-grilled chicken breast with zucchini, and a grilled pound cake with dulce de leche drizzle and ice cream.

It’s a great restaurant; small, with great waiters and consistently great food. If you come to Fredbg, you MUST go to Jake & Mike’s!