Golden Globes fashion


Amy Adams
Naomi Watts – but then, I am biased towards lemon yellows!
Katie Holmes
Emma Stone – although hers had a slight Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson familiarity to it
Julianne Moore
Anna Kendrick
Kate Beckinsdale

Least Favorites:
Lupito Nyong’o – after so many great choices last year, this was …blah. Disappointing.
Reese Witherspoon – I was underwhelmed. This was a fairly boring dress for her.
Jennifer Aniston – anotherrrrr boring, black dress. We get it. You like the ‘clean, simple’ look. But come on! Spice it up occasionally!
Kerry Washington – this is like a 5 year old’s design. The colors, the pattern…no.
Lena Dunham – completely unflattering.
Tina Fey – another too-long cocktail dress. She needs to find a better shape for her body – this isn’t it!