Sir James Galway!

M plays in our town’s community-student orchestra. He started playing in college, and continued playing after he graduated. He even has shiny pins for his years of service!


This past Saturday, the orchestra hosted Sir James Galway and his wife for a concert. The UMW-CSO played the first half; then they broke into a smaller group and played with Galway for the second half. I personally wasn’t familiar with Galway, but it was a good show and great music (as always!).

I never figured I’d wind up with a band geek, but it’s been a great experience. The UMW-CSO has traveled around the world and I’ve gotten to go along with them. We’ve been to Europe on two trips, playing in churches from the 1400s in tiny towns in rural France and sightseeing along the way. It’s an amazing group to be part of, and I am so proud of M for being in it!