The perks of being a grown-up…

I am 27 years old. I am also a wife, a homeowner, a pet owner x 4, a graduate degree holder, a full-time employee, a dodgeball player, a softball player, extensive traveler, and sporadic gym-goer.

I thus have a messy home. At least, that’s what I blame it on. I’m just a super busy person, so of course I don’t have time to vacuum and mop and Windex and clean my grout with a toothbrush.

So we are trying something new. Inspired by a friend, I have posted our chore list on the fridge. Most of the chores fall to me, but M has been delegated some, and he has chosen some. Each day, we have 1-2 tasks to accomplish: Windex the windows, sweep, laundry, bleach the bathrooms, etc. So far, we’ve already failed: we were out of town most of Sunday, I was sick Monday and am still in recovery mode this Tuesday.

However, M was randomly hit by the cleaning bug and decided to play catch-up. Together, we have windexed the main windows, swept, vacuumed, and done some laundry. I feel both accomplished and exhausted.

Why doesn’t adulthood come with a free robot maid?