Better Call Saul

This week’s episod had a great point for discussion – White collar criminals facing 30 years, whereas rapists and murderers can face much shorter sentences.

What’s that about?

Personally, I think white collar criminals should be penalized financially. Dissolution of assets to reimburse the swindled, absolutely. Bankruptcy, probably. But yes – take away the money they’ve swindled!

But 30 years in jail for embezzlement? That seems absurd. Mainly when you consider that pople who kill people, or rape people, or pedophiles, or other violent criminals….can face much, much less time.

So….violent criminals should have more time in jail. Non-violent crimes should have less time in jail. I realize sexual crimes may not be considered ‘violent’, but they should be. Animal abuse should be considered a violent crime as well.

Anyhoo….there’s my controversial post for the week!