On a Monday, I am waiting….

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Remember Ashlee Simpson and Nosegate? Talk about falling off the planet! She’s since settled down somewhere into motherhood and marriage and divorcee-ness. But at one point, she was a controversial, “hot” popstar with feuds and number one hits.

Karaoke is good for the soul

One of my absolute favorite things to do is blast Youtube videos at top volume and have impromptu karaoke nights. I cannot sing. I can get every single vocal fluctuation in a song, but not the key or note or pitch…or whatever. I’ve tried to get my husband to teach me how to sing for the last 6 years or so…but he’d rather just tune me out!

I have several “go-to” songs to sing to – Leanne Rimes’s Amazing Grace, Audioslave’s Highway, older Britney Spears songs, Nsync, and well…anything that was big in the 90’s. I stopped listening to popular music around the time MTV stopped being “Music Television”.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re home alone?