Better Call Saul

This week’s episod had a great point for discussion – White collar criminals facing 30 years, whereas rapists and murderers can face much shorter sentences.

What’s that about?

Personally, I think white collar criminals should be penalized financially. Dissolution of assets to reimburse the swindled, absolutely. Bankruptcy, probably. But yes – take away the money they’ve swindled!

But 30 years in jail for embezzlement? That seems absurd. Mainly when you consider that pople who kill people, or rape people, or pedophiles, or other violent criminals….can face much, much less time.

So….violent criminals should have more time in jail. Non-violent crimes should have less time in jail. I realize sexual crimes may not be considered ‘violent’, but they should be. Animal abuse should be considered a violent crime as well.

Anyhoo….there’s my controversial post for the week!

I hope I teach my children…

First, the confession: I am in the midst of a fertility battle. It’s been ongoing. It’s painful. I hope, I fall, I pray, I am sometimes angry. Above all, I am confident my life will unfold exactly as it should. I am not now a mother, but I would love to be.

I grew up with wonderful parents. I never worried about finances, food, shelter, education, etc.

My father was amazing: He was an inspiration of how working hard and sacrificing can create a better life for your family. How being passionate and having jobs you love will make you happy, make you successful, and will pay off in the long run. How we should never, ever, stop learning. And for goodness sake, if you like to write, write!

My mother was amazing: she was a stay-at-home mom, and of course more involved in our day-to-day lives. She is very smart, and she also has wonderful common sense. She approaches things from a point of logic, a point of ‘do it well’, a point of ‘get it done and move on.’ I admire those traits, and as I move forward every day, every year, I appreciate every moment when I think “My gosh, I am my mother!”

No matter how wonderful my parents were, and are, there were still moments/years when I, as a kid, screwed up. And honestly, when I say “screwed up”, I mean I endured and learned. I learned so much.

When my first boyfriend was having emotional affairs with my best friend, I learned how painful love can be, how conflicted we, as humans, can be, and how easily emotions and feelings can be manipulated.

When I realized my best friend was in an emotional affair with my boyfriend, I realized how incredibly horrible deceit and betrayal can be; I also learned not to trust people, to expect the worst from people, and to withhold the sacred parts of my feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Those two scenarios happened before I was 16, by the way. The after years were even messier, with me dumping him without a single tear, then us coming back together a few months later, trying to figure out what flaws I must have for him to find me “lesser”. For 18 months, I lost a lot of weight. I gained weight back. I slept a lot. I didn’t sleep for days. I became a nail picker/biter. I obsessively manicured my nails. I focused on how I looked, and how boys reacted; I wandered around in baggy pants and shirts.

The point, ultimately, that I am trying to somehow reach, is that kids need space, time, and forgiveness. I fortunately grew up in a Facebook, Twitter less world. We had Geocities webpages, AOL Instant Messenger; we didn’t have Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and blogs.

Let kids rebel, safely. Rein them in. Know what your kids are doing online, but grant them the freedom to make (certain) mistakes. Teach them how to recognize when other kids need help, when other kids are making mistakes, and when online presence crosses the line.

FYI If you’re a teenage girl – rebuttal

A Mrs. Hall recently posted a blog lecturing girls on “inappropriate” photographs. Her blog also featured a number of pictures of her sons, all topless at the beach.  She later chickened out and replaced the photographs with full-covered pictures.

The fact, however, remains: Mrs. Hall is lecturing teenage girls on the dangers of their bodies and their sexuality. It appears girls, and only girls, are responsible for corrupting young men. She blatantly approves judging others based solely on their physical appearances. Mrs. Hall even comments – “it appears that you are not wearing a bra.”

Eye rolls aside, Mrs. Hall exemplifies a sad excuse for a mother. Thank goodness she has only boys. I would be horrified to think what lessons she would instill in daughters

We should teach our children to judge others based on their personalities and behaviours, not on their breasts. 

We should teach our children to accept others, and to realize there are boys and girls in this world who are not guided by loving, caring parents.

Our children should respect every individual’s right to express him or herself, whether that be with a duck-lip awkward selfie, poetry, athletics, or drawing doodles in the margins of math homework.

Mrs. Hall says she likes seeing things through girls’ “unique and colorful lens”, but then asks them to censor, filter, and edit themselves….so as not to tempt her precious sons.

I’d ask Mrs. Hall to censor herself: before passing judgement on young girls, why not teach your own kids to be models of tolerance, virtue, and open-mindedness?

Here is the edited post (she removed the photos of her half-clothed sons) –

Here are several other rebuttals:

Presidential Debate 2012

Here we go!

There’s a great drinking game floating around on Facebook for this debate. I’m suspicious one or both of the candidates saw it ahead of time and are intentionally playing along. Anyhoo, I’ve realized a few things so far.

First, Romney is a faster, quicker speaker than Obama is. What does that mean? To me, it instills confidence and shows passion. Have you ever spoken slowly in an argument? Had to pause to gather your thoughts on something you are passionate about?

Second, the whole question on the economy/job creation…Romney said, multiple times, he is against reducing upper income taxation, and is not supporting any tax cut that adds to the deficit. Obama, instead of acknowledging this, just kept repeating his buzzline over and over again.

Third, Romney laid out 5 specific points in his plan to address the economy / job creation. Obama…didn’t. I’m not really sure what his plan is, but it seems to be a nice bit of circumlocution.

Fourth, Obama doesn’t seem to realize the point is to debate your opponent. Not the moderator. STOP turning your back!

Fifth, you took how many seconds of your first question to do a shout out at your wife. I love my husband, but if he’s focusing on me instead of the debate, then he’s sleeping on the couch.

Sixth, Obama keeps repeating things that Romney has already addressed. “oh, romney wants to reward companies shipping jobs overseas”…no, Romney already said he wants to invest in companies keeping jobs in the US.

Seventh, My grannie died right before I became President? Isn’t that called a red herring?

…More to come if I get around to it!