A mantra, of sorts

I’ve spent decades obsessed with magazines. The first one I remember reading was my mom’s Redbook. Then I moved onto her Good Housekeeping, New Yorker, People, Bon Appetite, Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar….even clothing catalogues. I’m a magazine fiend, I guess. For years, I kept every single magazine – neatly catalogued in a big bookshelf.

Then….I ran out of room. So I decided to start cutting out the pages, ads, images, and words that jumped at me. I kept them in boxes, then drawers, then files, and sometimes in scrapbooks.

And I’ve kept those cut-outs, and more magazines, all these years. So here, now, finally, I’m unleashing those images…for whatever they may mean to someone else.

Think Musical Chairs

This piece by Herbert Muschamp was in NYT T Magazine in 2005. I opened it up casually, not realizing I was going to read something that has stayed with me ever since.

Click the link and read it. Maybe you’ll think it’s just gibberish. Maybe you’ll find inspiration. Worth a try, either way.

Live the Questions. Make each motorcycle jacket count….pretend every tutu is your last. Save the last silk scarf for me.

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