Kim Kardashian

I am always baffled when people say Kim Kardashian is an idiot, or ‘famous for being famous’, or a joke, or blahblahblah.

Husband came home from work once, and said “Oh, they all started dissing Kim Kardashian, and I told them you’d be totally on her side.”

Well, yes. Because I think she’s incredibly smart.

She was…. no one….a few, very short, years ago.

Now? Now she is a multi-millionaire, photo-book author, clothing designer, hair care designer, make up designer, media spokesperson, video game owner.

She is MILLIONS now.

So….yes, she started with a sex tape. And now she’s a media mogul. Not only that, but she’s made her entire family multi-millionaires.

Is she a “role model”? Probably not. Is she a “hero” or something? Not really. Did she write something amazing, or deliver a motivational speech, or save all of the things? Nope.

But she’s made the simple act of being who she is….lucrative and amazing and phenomenal.

That’s brilliant. She is an extremely brilliant businesswoman, whether on her own or with her family’s backing. She has taken the simple act of being oneself….into a whole new stratosphere.



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