Do these shoes hide my wrinkles?

Time is a much discussed, frequently maligned, nostalgically reminisced, oft anthropomorphized being…

My child is approaching her first birthday.

I have been out of college for almost 8 years.

I have been out of high school for almost 12 years.

The last family pet that knew me in my ‘teens was recently put down.

Does this shirt show my grey hairs?

Do these shoes hide my wrinkles?

Parental Musings

Shady, but grown up already?
Shady, but grown up already?

How on earth has it been over 8 months, already?

My tiny little one is …less tiny. Not as little.

She’ll be a year old in less than 4 months. !!!!!!!!!!

She’s getting a tooth. She’s trying to stand up, the determination showing in her swaying little booty and her fingers wiggling as she works on balancing. She says sounds like “Mamamama” and “Muh” and “aaaaaeeehhhayayaya”. Clearly a future brilliant linguist.

She’s had a rough couple of nights this weekend, not sleeping very well (or at all). I get impatient when I’ve woken up for her for the 15th time and it’s Day 2. Then, after I get an hour of sleep in, she sticks her tongue out at me and makes a little “aeeeh” sound, and I melt. I melt so much, even after all these days and months and sleepless nights.

DIY: Glitter Ombre Heels… Because YASSSSS!

Kind of amazing and sparkly and fabulous…

I’d like to dedicate today’s video to all my friend in the Northeast region of the US celebrating their Tuesday with a SNOW DAY!!!! I don’t envy the cold weather, but I do wish I was forced to stay in my house today and spend hours watching TV. Ahhhhhhhh we can all dream. I hope you’re all staying warm and safe. If you’re looking for something to do… I’ve got two minutes of your day covered. Click here to enjoy this designer inspired glitter ombre heels tutorial. Enjoy!!

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Restaurant Week – La Rosetta

Hurray, Restaurant Week has returned to Fredericksburg!

Last night, I joined a few great ladies downtown at La Rosetta. None of us had been here before, so we thought it’d be a great place to try.

La Rosetta (Street Caroline)

La Rosetta is right across the street from the Marriot, so a few of us met up at the Marriot for a drink first. The lobby is huge, open, and contemporary. Definitely appealing for the 20-30 crowd, businesspeople, or events. The bartender was quick, and my cosmo was delicious. They also serve very full glasses of wine!

We marched over to La Rosetta for our 6:30 reservation. Our table of 6 was seated upstairs. The restaurant is in an old home, which is a neat vibe. The restaurant was pretty full – appaently Restaurant Week is setting records!

The food was good, overall. The butternut squash bisque came with a goat cheese ‘mousse’, which was essentially just a layer of melted foam on top. It was smooth, light, and delicious. For an entree, I had the pollo alla genovese: a nicely portioned chicken breast topped with eggplant, a slice of tomato, and a slice of mozzarella. The chicken was bathed in a light, tasty pesto cream sauce. I could have had another plate! It was accompanied with slices of zuchinni and carrots, which were also good. For dessert, I had a canneloni – I’m not a big fan, usually, but this was airy, flavorful, and just plain good.

Unfortunately….the service was incredibly slow.

As I mentioned, our reservation was at 6:30. I texted M at 7:30 checking in on the baby…we still hadn’t gotten our appetizers yet. When we finally got our bills, the waitress took our credit cards and disappeared for 20 minutes. I asked the waterboy to find out the status, and she came back quickly after that.

I noticed other tables upstairs with us also had similar waits – there were quite a few unhappy campers at tables of two waiting for their next courses or checks.

The waterboy, by the way, is probably the busiest person in the place! He was very attentive, polite, and unobtrusive. He must be exhausted at the end of the night!

Overall, I would go back to La Rosetta. Hopefully on a quieter night, the service is much faster!

Golden Globes fashion


Amy Adams
Naomi Watts – but then, I am biased towards lemon yellows!
Katie Holmes
Emma Stone – although hers had a slight Kristen Stewart, Emma Watson familiarity to it
Julianne Moore
Anna Kendrick
Kate Beckinsdale

Least Favorites:
Lupito Nyong’o – after so many great choices last year, this was …blah. Disappointing.
Reese Witherspoon – I was underwhelmed. This was a fairly boring dress for her.
Jennifer Aniston – anotherrrrr boring, black dress. We get it. You like the ‘clean, simple’ look. But come on! Spice it up occasionally!
Kerry Washington – this is like a 5 year old’s design. The colors, the pattern…no.
Lena Dunham – completely unflattering.
Tina Fey – another too-long cocktail dress. She needs to find a better shape for her body – this isn’t it!