Things new moms should know

Random thoughts that have popped into my head lately….

If you have a C-section, have rubbing alcohol, cotton balls and Q-tips at home. It helps when you take off the bandages.

Take the bandages off after a few days. Before they get gross. Your skin is already sealed up, I promise.

Your favorites are going to change.

New favorite feeling? When your baby’s hand slowly rubs along your rib cage while she’s feeding. The first time it happens, you’ll probably check for a tag or hair or even a bug. There’s something about the movement that shows she is relaxed, curious, and happy.

New favorite foods? The ones that can be prepared and eaten one-handed…or quickly. For those times when you are starving, but baby’s about to cry or wake up.

New favorite spa treatment? A long, hot shower. Usually taken when someone else is home with Baby, or when you know she’s going to be content for 15-20 minutes either asleep or entertained by a mobile. Yes, 15-20 minutes is long. Take your showers every day if possible. Close your eyes and stand under the stream and just breathe for a few moments. It’s invigorating, refreshing and reminds you to be a human again. As opposed to a milk machine, a diaper queen, a laundry champ…

And the other thing I have definitely learned from being a Mom, and now a stay-at-home mom, is to keep in touch with your friends. Take those occasional girls’ nights out. Get a lunch, a drink, a dinner. Catch up with other adults and people whose company you enjoy. Go for a walk with your other mom friends (and babies). It’s wonderful to get out of the house and just speak with adults, and our friends shouldn’t be tossed out because of babies.