Lessons learned.

Thanks to the marvelous storm that hit the East Coast this week, I have learned:

1 – Don’t buy a house built into a hill. Buy a house¬†on a hill, or at least on a slight incline in a flat area.

2 – This is why people have basements (per M).

3 – We need shelves everywhere so nothing we own ever sits on the floor. Everything is now “contaminated”.

4 – Having a house flood 14 day before Baby arrives will really screw with your nesting instincts. It’s an overwhelming sense of “MUST CLEAN EVERYTHING” and “There’s too much where do I begin maybe I’ll sit on the couch and eat a chocolate bunny and avoid acknowledging this”

5 – M has earned the final say on picking our next home.

6 РMy job is even less important in my life than I thought, aside from the paycheck.