Over Winter!

I feel like a bad pet parent.

Our dogs are SO bored. All the time.

Chutney wants to go outside, then when he gets out the door he realizes it is cold, and rainy, and sometimes snowy  He does not like cold, rain, or snow – and certainly not all 3 mixed together. Then he wants to come back in. Then we deal with the battle of a dog who has to potty, but hates bad weather.

Pickles just wants to play. He wants to run around and drag sticks (small trees, occasionally) around and play fetch. But Chutney’s not interested in playing with him because….mud. And M and I are both selfishly inclined to sit in the warm house instead. 

We do try to amuse them periodically with their indoor toys….and we make sure we sit outside on the random 65+ degree days we’ve had and interact.   But once warm weather is here, we will all be so much more entertained!


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