Lazy Weekends

M and I have become quite comfortable with our lazy weekends these past few months.

We love going out and spending time with our friends, or even just the two of us out at restaurants or bars. 

But lately we have been home-bodies on the weekends. I tend to fall asleep on the couch at a whim (a consciously chosen whim, but nonetheless). We light fires, or turn on the electric fireplace/heater, snuggle up under super soft fuzzy blankets, and watch our shows or movies. 

Cold and rainy dreary weather always provides an easy excuse to stay in. Then we think “Hey, we should cook something tonight”, and make dinner – using some of our food stuff up, and saving money at the same time. It’s marvelous.

We also have officially broken in our new oven/stove! It’s a dual oven and flat burner from whirlpool. And, best part ever, it came with a sticker that says “America” on it. Why? Because ‘merica. Duh.


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