Good times, good friends….poor Tigers!

I know, I know. I am failing at this 365 posts thing. Moving right along…

Last night we met up with friends at Home Team Grill to watch the Auburn-Florida bowl game. A good chunk of my extended family was actually in CA for the game, all of us Auburn supporters. Most of my family is going / went / will go to Auburn, except for me, my brother, and one other cousin. It was a good game, with a great first half…but then we lost it in the end. Super sad!

Anyhoo, Home Team Grill is a sports pub nestled in Eagle Village, right across (or I guess part of) University of Mary Washington. Jerseys from different teams, including UMW’s rugby team, and paintings decorate the walls. The menu is pretty standard sports fare – burgers, wings, wraps, and a fairly impressive salad list. HTG also does Happy Hour and food specials – Tuesdays are half off burgers, Wednesdays are wing nights, and Happy Hour drinks usually run until 7:00, with wine specials!

More memorable is the sheer amount of fun M and I have with our buddies. JC recently popped back into my life – we were friends in college and hung out for a couple of years before drifting apart. He and his wife are friends of friends, so they have been part of the group for a couple of years now. JC is absolutely hilarious, and anytime we spend time with him and his wife, we are always hysterically laughing over the most absurdly stupid things. Old friends, mixed with new friends, equals fun.


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