Castiglia’s – finally a hit!

We have been to Castiglia’s several times in the last couple of years, and have had some up-and-down culinary experiences.

I really like their pesto gnocchi – the gnocchi is made well, light, fluffy and pillow. The pesto, however, is somewhat hit-and-miss. My first time ordering it was summer 2012. It was beyond delicious – refreshing, salty, creamy, lovely. I had it again in November, and it was somewhat disappointing. The sauce was uneven, with large unpleasant chunks of garlic. 

M has ordered a few dishes, mostly seafood-focused, and hasn’t been impressed with any. The insalata di mare was a big disappointment, and he also tried a seafood pizza that was just underwhelming. 

However! We went the first week of December with M’s parents. I ordered Bruschetta, a side salad, and a New York slice. All of it was..wonderful! The bread for bruschetta was lightly crisped, a nice balance of crispy crust and soft middle that supported the topping well and had nice mouth feel. The topping was diced tomatoes and mozzarella, some basil, and a little garlic with a twee bit of balsamic. It was light, fresh, and delicious. The side salad was fresh, no wilted or browning lettuce, and comes topped with a generous amount of croutons, onions, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers. And the NY slice was….oh my yum. A large slice, fresh from the oven, with a thin bread, crispy bottom, and oozing cheese. The light marinara is perfect. I could go for another one right now!

M and his dad ordered the Veal Marsala, and both cleaned their plates. It was lightly breaded, tender, and well-seasoned. The veal was accompanied by a nice portion of penne pasta, and the marsala sauce had a pleasant amount of mushrooms present. They also split some fried mushrooms for an appetizer, which comes with your choice of dip, and is a generous helping that easily serves four.

So….I really recommend their pizza and bruschetta. I intend to try their calzone next time! But avoid the seafood options…


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