Am I just a weirdo?

I am 15 weeks, 3 days pregnant….and sometimes I wonder if I am a weird pregnant lady.

I am thrilled, and so happy, to be pregnant. M is also really happy as well.

But….we don’t fixate on it. We’re not out browsing stores, or even online shopping, for nursery items and clothes. Aside from the occasional pinterest or blog, I really don’t look at much baby stuff online. We don’t talk about it very much either – I periodically check in on whether he thinks I have a bump, and occasionally something comes up that we will ask each other’s opinions: “I think Elf on a Shelf is absurd.” “Yeah, me too.”

I see other people posting things online, or commenting on blogs or pins, or read What to Expect, and it seems the “norm” is for women to go full-scale obsessed with their pregnancies. Maybe trying for so long makes us more cautious. Maybe we just take this as a natural, simple, but joyous, experience. I think we just are not interested in hyping this up to the point that we stress out, or start worrying, or create unrealistic expectations.

The few things I have researched, though, I have found myself shockingly “crunchy”. I’d like to cloth diaper. I’d like to breastfeed. I’d like to (eventually) make our own baby food. I also want to be a Stay at Home mom, at least until s/he is ready for school. I hope, and believe, M and I will be hands-on, involved parents who raise children who are thinkers, dreamers, readers, and doers.

But really, I hope we are all healthy and happy.


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