I keep starting and stopping my browsing and searching of all things Baby online.

There is so much information out there. So many options.

How on earth do we decide??

I am determined to keep my baby shopping to the basics. The less clutter, the better. And I don’t want to find myself with boxes of things I won’t use or that baby outgrows before s/he has a chance to use them.

Tomorrow is 11 weeks for me. M and I still haven’t really sat down and discussed any big things yet. I do not want to go back to my workplace after the baby arrives. It is a dead end, no pleasure job. Just an empty paycheck. I have been exploring some WAH options, but they are all substantial pay cuts. I think the trade-off will be worth it: both M and I had stay-at-home Moms.

We also need to figure things like budgeting and college savings, what we are tossing out to make room, how much time M will take off of work, which hospital we want to use….

It’s overwhelming! Much easier to browse things, then close those windows and waste some time playing games or watching TV instead!

It’s been a while!

Fall has arrived and is on its way out. What a whirlwind it has been!

M and I are enjoying the cozy nights of October so far. We’ve had a couple of fires, watched some scary movies, and he has been going to town leaf-blowing and raking regularly. The bulbs are in the ground, our last pathetic attempt at grass seeding is finished, and the Halloween decorations are back in storage.

I turned 28 this Halloween. It was a nice day, minus 4 hours in the ER! The older I get, the more inclined I am to celebrating anniversaries and birthdays with laid back, at-home evenings. Considering I am no longer drinking (yay Fetus!), the thrill of the big group party has definitely died down!

So yes, we are expecting our first baby at the end of May. We are both excited, but at the same time, very mellow. We will not find out the gender until the baby is officially here – M and I both agreed, years and years ago, that we think the gender is one of the few true surprises in life, and we’d like to be in awe at that moment.  Plus, neither of us has a preference on gender, so it will be great either way!  I do suspect this will be a boy, for the sole reason that all of the first borns on my side and his side of the family tend to be male. 

So far, I can cry easily, but no other real symptoms. I am excited to share these months with two of my great friends, MS & K. K has a few months on us, but MS is on the same timeline as I am! Knowing some one else has had similar thoughts and weird body moments is reassuring, plus we will all have buddies. Being the first to transition from ‘young 20-something party people’ to ‘the first mom/dad in the group’ is scary – now the girls and the guys will have each other. And hello playdates!