Saved by the Bell

My name is 4 letters away from being Kelly Kapowski. This makes me both happy, yet incredibly sad at the same time. I’m still a Kelly, and still an -owski…so close, yet so far away.

Saved by the Bell was a fantastic show. I think it ran a bit too long (the college years were just a disaster), but for kids on the edge of middle school and moving into that realm of puberty and first loves, it hits the spot.

Zach’s love for Kelly was always pure and simple at its core; he got into a lot of selfish schemes and made some risky moves, but he always came back to that love. Kelly, of course, was pure and innocent and a twee naive. She always believed the best of Zach until she couldn’t, she always gave second chances, and she was always happy and smiling.

I like to think I’ve become my own version of Ms. Kapowski – I am always smiley and cheerful, and patient and giving-of-chances with other people. I was a cheerleader (but have never been in a trio singing group prancing in spandex). I was not popular with the boys, but I did have a crush on a boy named Zach. I also did not have feathered bangs or a collection of neon – but I do have an impressive arsenal of neon now, and I have rocked a heavy bang once or twice in college.

I hope there’s still a few DVD sets around when I finally have kids on that cusp of puberty and excessive teen emotion/angst. The simple shows like Saved by the Bell, Wonder Years, Boy Meets World….they provide a really simple, truthful, and optimistic (but still honest) group of lessons about getting older and navigating a harsh world. I don’t know if they will still be relevant in another 18 years or so, since Zach’s amazing cellular phone is already way out of date, but I hope so.

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