Click-free, or at least click-less

Today’s Washington Post featured a nice editorial by Peter Mandel . Mr. Mandel makes the valid point that, as an increasingly mobile-technology-oriented world, we have lost our innate sense of wonder to an impulse to snap.

As any frequent traveler has probably noticed, trips, sightseeing tours, and scenery are now often bespeckled with the reflection of smartphones and tablets held up by tourists intent on capturing everything they “see”. But if you are focused on getting the right picture, how can you focus on, well, being unfocused? Part of the joy of traveling and exploring is being free and lost in the moment, viewing sights with an in-the-moment awe and appreciation.

When we travel, I try to stay in the moment and appreciate when we are seeing or doing. I do, of course, take photos – but I take them with my camera. Using a camera (not a fancy one, just a run of the mill digital) means picture-taking is more of a conscious effort, an intentional interruption of the moment, with the idea of preserving a memory.

I do, however, confess to one of Mandel’s sins: I take pictures of food and/or drinks occasionally. I’m going to excuse that behavior, though, with the idea that …”it’s for the bloooogggggg”.

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