Am I that old?

I miss being young.

I’m 27, though. So I feel like I am both cliche, overdramatic, and other adjectives.

But really, though. I miss being young.

When we could choose whether or not to do our “jobs” for the day – go to class? Skip class and lay outside in the square on our first fall-like day of the summer.

When we could stay up late and sleep in with little-to-no consequence: Throw in a movie marathon at 9 pm? YES!

When we were restricted to the clothes we could fit in our closet and the food we could fit in our minifridge: frozen pizza? No room. Skirts and pants that don’t fit? No room. Outta here!

When we didn’t have pets: I adore, love, and cherish my dogs and cats. But yes, they do cause some obstacles in planning, roadtrips, impromptu day trips, etc. I feel so, so, so guilty if I leave them home for more than 5 hours without a break.

Feeling like the future was still wide open and far away: I would have done college SO differently. Gone to all my classes. Gotten better grades. Avoided the sketchy girls I “found” my freshman year. Not gained a freshman 40.

Instead, though, I am sitting here on my self-purchased laptop, on my self-purchased bed, in a home I own. Drinking one-too-many glasses of boxed wine, my dogs sleeping on the floor behind me, and fighting that mental battle of “I should go to bed, I have work tomorrow” and “I don’t waaaaannnnaaaaaa”.
So I shall watch some reality TV. Browse the world wide of web. And just feel nostalgic, not about the things I did do in college, but the things I wish I had done.

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