Retro MTV


MTV is airing retro tv this weekend. I’ve been watching the San Francisco crew. The years this show started airing were the years my interest in pop culture began. As the years pass and we grow older and busier, we forget what the past was like.

What happened to MTV? What happened to this type of reality tv? The cast of the Real World used to be thinkers and doers. People talking about change, hardship, politics, culture. They were not all about partying and drinking and sex. In the three episodes I’ve seen this morning, beer is mentioned once, in a discussion about fridge space.

I always wanted to submit a video and be on Real World. I would think about who I would be, how I would behave, what I would say. I still think about that, but it is a way of denying that time has passed. The older casts are more my age. The newer casts…I’m too old for them now.

Its interesting how our early fascinations can change our lives, or can fade away as we move on to other fascinations.

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