Happy Hour(s)!

This Friday, we joined friends for Happy H our downtown. This is slowly becoming an every-other-week habit for M & I.

We stopped by Kybecca first, to meet up with JC & MC. They were mid-dinner at a small table, so we agreed to head over to Castiglia’s and meet there.

I had a house white ($5.00 until 7:00 p.m.) and M had a draft beer ($4.00!). We munched on the house bread bites, which come with two dipping oils. One has a herb mixture, and one is minced garlic. Both were delicious! The bread is unique – small circles of a English muffin type bread that has been panin-pressed. Crunch, chewy, and warm.

M ordered a Sea Bass entree, I had the Caprese panini, MC had a veggie platter, and JC ordered mussels. We all more or less cleaned our plates. I won’t order the caprese panini again – it was slightly chilly bread, cold cheese, and halved cherry tomatoes. In my opinion, a panini should be hot and pressed together so the sandwich is essentially melted into an oozy gluey entity. This certainly was not.  Fortunately, the conversation was great!

After Castiglia’s, we headed back to Kybecca to meet JG & RG. They were in the newly renovated bar area. Kybecca used to be half wine store, half bar/tapas. They’ve converted the wine store part into a sleek, sexy bistro. Red lamps, blue walls, dark tables and exposed brick wall behind the bar. The lighting fixtures were great: I’ve never been a fan of the string bubble light, but it fits perfectly in Kybecca. I’ll try and snap a picture next time we go! The owner, Rebbeca, was excited to have us there, as her first large group seated! The boys wound up ordering Pork Belly, which was served in large cubes and perfectly cooked, a warm tender melty goodness that combines the best of bacon and the best of BBQ pork flavors.

Source: Fredericksburg’s Free Lance Star

Kybecca also has some great new serving wear, as a result of teaming up with a local artist! Once I can find the article, I will add it here….  What we love the most about the area is it feels intimate, even though there’s plenty of space and a flow of people in and out of the bar. The service is always fantastic, and the food has been on spot for our recent visits. There’s a reason Kybecca is always on our group’s Happy Hour list!


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