Restaurant Week in Fredericksburg!

It’s a lovely time of the year! Our downtown restaurants offer 3 course dinners for $20.13.

M and I went to Kybecca first.  He had an appetizer of cuttlefish and sausage, followed by beet salad, and then braised pork cheeks. M also tried the wine flight. He enjoyed his food overall. The beet salad was a bit too large of a portion for him. I thought the braised pork cheeks would benefit from a sauce or jus of some sort. It was very fatty, which is great, but a bit dry.   The menu didn’t offer anything appealing to me, so I picked the hummus plate and the garlic truffle double-fried fries off the regular menu. The hummus needed a lot of salt, but was fresh and clean. The fries are addictive, and served with a cilantro aoli. A more acidic or stronger aoli would be wonderful – perhaps roasted red pepper. Fair warning: it’ll take a few days to get all that garlic out of your mouth!

M and I also went to True Luv’s, which is a lovely restaurant on the banks of the Rappahannock River. M had a fried oyster with caviar and a seafood risotto with scallop and shrimp. The risotto was creamy and well prepared. For dessert, he had a gingerbread cake with pumpkin ice cream, which he absolutely loved. I chose, from the regular menu, the fried chicken lollipops with clover honey and french onion soup. True Luv really has amazing frying techniques – we can’t decide if it’s the breading, the oil, or both. Their batter is always perfectly crispy, the meat wonderfully juicy, and just absolutely delicious. For dessert, I had a warmed chocolate cake with a healthy dollop of whipped cream. The cake was huge, but rich, moist, and delicious.


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