If I ever gave a graduation speech…

We should change, and change often. Life is constantly changing, and we should go with it. To be a successful person, and the best person,  we must learn to never compromise who we actually are. Instead, we must refine ourselves, embracing change and the new things we learn along the way.

So much of what happens in our lives will ultimately be meaningless, just faded memories. Your best friends now may be people you never speak to in five years. Next year, even. Yes, we make promises to be best friends forever, to stay in touch, to hold on to these moments. Over time, we find new friends, we grow apart, we think differently. The point of our life experiences is to learn. So take from your high school years the lessons you’ve learned. Teamwork and commitment from your days on sports teams. Compassion, from being bullied or watching someone else be bullied. Conscience, from watching people do the wrong thing and the right thing. Confidence, from knowing that you have been taught well, have been shown how to succeed, and the knowledge that you are a good person who will achieve great things.