Fredericksburg has a great new(ish) restaurant called FoodE. Nestled in a snug alleyway, FoodE is a cozy gourment restaurant serving a seasonal menu that changes weekly. They source the majority of their food products from local growers and producers. More importantly, they make delicious food!

Mike got the crispy braised pork belly, which sits on a small mountain of fantastic cheesy grits. I loved both items – considering I am a picky eater who would never dream of touching either of those things, this is a serious testimony! The grits had amazing texture and perfect flavor, with the cheese being a great highlight that didn’t overpower the palette. The belly was crispy adn the meaty part of it was like eating the best part of ribs – tender and luscious. He ordered a glazed pork loin chop which came with sauteed spinach and honey and cherry glazes.

I had pimiento bread ($1 per piece), which had just the right dash of spice from the peppers. The cheese was melted onto crispy bread and was a satisfying appetizer. I also ordered the Chicken Puttanesca – this was really nice. The pasta tasted homemade, and the sauce came with tomatoes, capers, olives, and a sprinkling of freshly shaved parmesan. Having just spent two weeks in Italy, I can attest the sauce was authentic with the same earthy, calming flavors of the restaurants in Italy.

For our beverages, I enjoyed a chardonnay that was fruity but clean. Mike liked his Fruity Blonde IPA (I think that’s what it was) that came with a FoodE coozie.

All in all, a great meal, a lovely restaurant with a down-home personality, and we will definitely be back!